you got the photos - we got the technology

Sport Events

Marathons, triathlons, motorcycles and bike races are lots of fun and attract many people.

The great moments are captured in thousands of photos and everyone really wants them.

With thousands of events and years of research, Pixoner has overcome all the challenges of detecting, sorting, branding, publishing and selling photos.

This means more sales, wider exposure and more profit for you.

Who else is Pixoner for:

Sport Events Social Events Event organizers Photographers Conferences Amusement parks Water Parks Media Agencies Tourist attractions Events Sponsors Race Timers Marathons 10K races Triathlons Mountain and road bike races Motorcycle and cars motorsport events Company fun days Attractions Many More...


See some samples here.

How does it work after you create an account?


Create a new event in your account

Choose detection method (pTags or AI) and generate barcodes if needed


Apply your branding

Create watermarks and album cover to be automatically applied and uploaded to your participant’s Facebook


Take photos of the people in action

During the event your photographers will shoot many, collect them all and get ready to start


Upload the photos to the system

A quick and accurate detection process starts and the photos are branded with your watermarks


Choose distribution channel

Free branded personal albums or a sale gallery to purchase full resolution