Pixoner is a one stop shop photography automation solution. Our patented technology recognizes people in photos fast and accurate. We master the challenge of automating, branding and publishing thousands of photos in a short time to a variety of channels.

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List of Features

With Pixoner’s technology you can get a complete solution to cover your event's photography:

Participant detection

With years of experience, Pixoner's detection technology is better than ever.

FB automation

Make your participants and sponsors happier with a mass campaign on Facebook.

Sale galleries

Offer your photos for sale with our super fast detection and smart search options.

Pixoner Live

A revolutionary personalized broadcast video live from the race.

Simple Clip

Automated personal clips are now easier to use and autonomously created by you!

Performance Data

Personal performance like time, distance and more layered on all photos.

Client tools

Pixoner's PhotoBridge tool is the ultimate solution for your photo automation process.

Custom API

Pixoner offers a variety of 3rd party automation tools custom-made your needs.

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