Your best moments. Automated.

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Your best moments. Automated.

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Your best moments. Automated.

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What is Pixoner?

Pixoner is a one stop shop photography automation solution.
Our state of the art patent pending pTags (PrizmaTag.com) recognize people and objects in mass real life photos fast and accurate.
We offer a variety of services including personal albums, video clips, automatic social network posts, online galleries and custom API for any photo platform.
Pixoner's photo tagging and social sharing technology is used by major events and sponsors in more than 8 countries, offering an innovative and effective channel to maximize brand engagement, social reach, and fan acquisition.


Participant detection

pTag detection technology makes detection better than ever. with years of experience and millions of photos we have the best detection ratio and the least false positives

Facebook automation

Make your participants and sponsors happier with a mass campaign on social networks / Facebook. Personal Facebook albums are a great souvenir and boost viral exposure. Watch our video

Open galleries

Offer your photos for sale in our open gallery. With our super fast detection and smart search options you make your photos more accessible to the buyer. Yes, this means more sales.

Custom API

Got your own gallery, mobile app or other business scenario? We fit right in! Pixoner offers a variety of 3rd party automation options all the way from a simple detection sheets (sample) to a full online custom API.

Client tools

Pixoner gives it's full service via standart internet browsers. We do however have powerful client tools to accelerate photo processing in situations with lower availability of internet and computing power. Ask us about PhotoBridg (offered to select customers).

Who is it for?

Pixoner is made for event organizers, photographers, marketing agencies photo platforms and more.
They use our technology to automate sport events, weddings, school photography, amusement parks photos, social and fun events.
If you are any of the above - start your Pixoner today!

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