Participant detection

pTag detection technology is better than ever. With years of experience and millions of photos we have the best detection and the least false positives ratio in the industry

Facebook automation

Make your participants and sponsors happier with a mass campaign on social networks / Facebook. Personal Facebook albums are a great souvenir and boost viral exposure. Watch our video

Open galleries

Offer your photos for sale in our open gallery. With our super fast detection and smart search options you make your photos more accessible to the buyer. Yes, this means more sales.

Pixoner LIVE

 Pixoner detects participants and adds a professional overlay to a live video stream taken in the event. Participant information such as bib number / name and time is automatically displayed when they enter the frame in real time. Read more >>

Client tools

To run Pixoner you only need a web browser, but if you are sometime out there in the feild like we are you need to deal with unreliable internet. Ask us about PhotoBridge (offered to select customers).

Performance Data ("SkyMetrix")

Personal performance data that is layered on all photos. Data like time passed, pace, distance, location and more. Participants can now share not only their photos but also their achievements. Learn more >>

Custom API

Got your own gallery, mobile app or other business scenario? We fit right in! Pixoner offers a variety of 3rd party automation options from simple detection sheets (sample) to a custom API made for you