Frequently asked questions

Q: How accurate is Pixoner's detection?

A: It depends on distance, resolution, and optics. On a good set of photos in good shooting conditions you can expect up to 99%.

Q: This is an impressive percentage. How come?

A: We have years of experience, millions of photos, thousands of A/B tests, Inventive algorithms, but above all - a big passion for photography and technology.

Q: How fast does Pixoner process the photos?

A: We offer several processing modes. If speed is a factor we recommend PhotoBridge that is capable of processing thousands of photos per hour and can work in parallel.

Q: What is the best way to start Pixoner on my next event?

A: Just send us a message so we can get you a quick quote.

Q: Do I need to use special photography equipment?

A: Not really. Hobby cameras and smart-phones work too. We do however encourage you to use professional cameras.

Q: I have my own gallery to showcase and sell my photos. Can I use your detection technology in my own channel?

A: Yes. We offer several collaboration modes from a simple detection sheet that you can import to your platform to a full API that will work with your server.

Q: Is Pixoner patent protected?

A: Pixoner IP status is “Patent pending”. If you are facing patent threats from our competitors don't be fooled. We are in full commercial production since 2012.


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