SkyMetrix - Personal performance data on race photos

SkyMetrix show your runners their personal performance metrics on each photo.

SkyMetrix only needs GPS data coming from your cameras and has no dependency in expensive or cumbersome timing equipment.
Our algorithms read GPS data from the photos and display distance / duration speed estimates next to each GeoTagged photo.

Skymetrix brings a better product for your participants and enrich their experience.

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How can the system calculate speed bason on a location?
A.: SkyMetrix also needs to know your track and start time.

Q.: I am planning on buying new camera(s). What cameras support GeoTagging?
A.:The GPS feature is found in latest camera models. Some are listed here.

Q.: I want SkyMetrix but I dont have A GeoTagging Camera.
A.:You can still use SkyMetrix. There are ways to GeoTag your photos and make them work.